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    Default Shabazz the disciple wu-international interview

    nterview Date: 17th December 2010

    Published Date: 20th December 2010

    Conducted By: Dark 7 Invader & The Reccollectah
    Special thanks to the Shabazz and DJ Extremidiz


    Would it be too bold to say that Shabazz and Dj Extremidiz have a serious contender for Wu-International’s “Album of the Year” with their collabo ‘Hood Scripturez’? Maybe (not) but one thing is for sure: we had to be extremely patient to hear this album as we first heard of this project 5 years ago.

    They say "All good things come to those that wait", Shabazz and DJ Extremidiz finally dropped "Hood Scripturez" digitally on the 4th of November via Metal Barz records with the physical release planned for sometime this December.

    Last week’s review already said it: it is a very strong collection of no less than 29 tracks, filled with thought provoking lyrics and great beats. While others seek their inspiration in a wild variety of producers and a very crowdy guest list, these two brought it back to the essence: one man behind the mic and another behind the boards. Let’s hope we will see more of this in the near future in our beloved (W)universe as the end result here was impressive.

    Now that the album is finally out we thought it would be the perfect moment for an interview with Shabazz The Disciple. Not alone did we want to find out how this collabo came to be, why it took so long to come out and how the recording went. We also tried to get to know something more about his notoriously, unreleased back catalogue (which is apparently 7 albums deep). And it goes without saying we had to ask him about all the Gravediggaz-reunion rumours that been circling around now for a while as well as his Wu-Tang and Sunz of Man's affiliation. It' been a while fans saw Shabazz with the RZA together on a song, what about his Thug Angelz project with Hell Razah? Well grab a comfort seat, switch off the lights, throw in a Gravediggaz tape, CD, or Mp3 and flip through the chapters of this Wu-International exclusive Shabazz interview ... Enjoy!!

    I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

    Wu-International: How are you Baz?
    Shabazz The Disciple: I’m great man, Can’t Complain. Just got back from Orlando Florida. A month and a half of filming and shows. I went from Palm Treez to Zero Degrees and Treez with no Leavez Brrrrrr. Wingz Up to my OZONE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!

    Wu-International: Great album you just dropped, what made you decide to record a full album with Extremidiz?
    Shabazz The Disciple: When Extremidiz hollered at me in 05 to do a verse collabo, It came out so dope that we decided to do an EP, That came out so dope that we decided to do a full length LP. Our Chemistry caught fire from the first song and we fuelled the fiyah!!!!

    Wu-International: what was this first song you just mentioned?
    Shabazz The Disciple: Hood Sellasie

    Wu-International: How did the recording go: was it mainly an online collabo or have you also worked in Dj Extremidiz’s studio together?
    Shabazz The Disciple: We did it online due to geographical differences. But he came to Brooklyn and we filmed the video for “Dem Brooklyn Niggaz” and he had the RED HOOK EXPERIENCE!

    Wu-International: It was initially planned to be an EP before moving on to a full album, any other reason for this?
    Shabazz The Disciple: Like I said the EP came out too dope to stop there. We were just kindling the Brimstone and Fiyah!

    Wu-International: You both kept the collaboration minimum, was this a conscious decision or it just happened that way?
    Shabazz The Disciple: We wanted to keep it minimum so fans can get a preview of the 2 man group me and Extremidiz just formed!!! ALBUM 2 IN THE WORKS!!!

    Wu-International: This project comes across as a conceptual album, what were you trying to achieve with this project?
    Shabazz The Disciple: As with any Shabazz album I want to hit you with that Street Biblical Prophecy in hood form and shine light on issues we face now and that are approaching. I’m here to teach the HOOD the SCRIPTUREZ!!!!!

    Wu-International: So, what's a hood scripture?
    Shabazz The Disciple: A Scripture for the HOOD!!!! Rules for Survival!!!

    Wu-International: Some will wonder why you have used a lot of interludes, short songs and skits for this project?
    Shabazz The Disciple: To give you a clear prelude of the concept of the next song.

    Wu-International: So which would you say are your favourite songs off the album and why?
    Shabazz The Disciple: ALL of them. They all have a special meaning of that time in my life!!!

    Wu-International: Why 5 years to make?
    Shabazz The Disciple: The project been done, it was ready years ago, life’s situations cause setbacks which are a setup for a comeback!

    Wu-International: With the album done ages ago, did you have to redo or change some of the songs or concepts for the release?
    Shabazz The Disciple: Nah, we just added a song or 2. We already on album 2 so yall get ready!!!!!

    Wu-International: You could also have called this album “The Bush verdict” as you addressed a lot of political issues on this album, do you feel it was a missed opportunity that it wasn't released during his presidency?
    Shabazz The Disciple: No because all the devilish shit he did during his term still affects us right now!!!!!!!!!! OBAMA is WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wu-International: So you do not feel this would have been a different album if recorded during Obama’s presidency?

    Shabazz The Disciple: Doesn’t matter same strings, different puppet!!!!!!!! OBAMA was a pacifier to make the world forget about all the shit AM-BUSH DID!!!!! But he is furthering the Agenda. I'm not falling for that 1st BLACK President Bullshit!!!!! I’m not AFRICAN!!!!! None of us are! Do some research!!!!!

    Wu-International: An interesting concept about the term African, can you please tell us what you mean when you said you are not African and neither is anyone?
    Shabazz The Disciple: Read Galations 4:26 That is the motherland! We are not from Africa, The Children Of HAM are all Africans, We are From The Bloodline of Shem, I’m Speaking for the So Called Negros, Latin Speaking Tribes, West Indians and Native Americans! We, The Negros, West Indians and Haitians fled from roman persecution and hid in the mountains of Africa and the Africans and Arabs handed us over to the Romans and we were bought here on cargo slave ships, From the land of AFRICA!! Which was not our homeland but a hiding place! DO SOME RESEARCH!! Put the Joystick DOWN!!!

    Wu-International: I very much enjoyed the song “Page 2 (The Sabbath)” on the album which seems like a follow up to “Diary of a madman” song off the Gravediggaz project, what was the reason behind the follow up if it is?
    Shabazz The Disciple: It’s Simply PAGE 2 of My Diary!!! For all My Gravedigga Fans!!!!!!!

    Wu-International: You wrote a song called “Projects under siege” about FEMA, where you painted a very negative picture of this organization. Razah also mentioned them on his latest solo album. Can you tell us something more about them and why you wrote this song?
    Shabazz The Disciple: They have Concentration Camps and Fema Trains and Coffins ready for the American Citizens but yall are too busy playing X-Box and PS3! DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re in the information age there is no excuse!!!!!!!!!!When the economy collapses totally it will be total anarchy in the streets of America, then you’ll see FEMA come in like hurricane Katrina in New Orleans!!!! Military presence in the hood to tear shit to shreds!!!!!!!!!!!! Its in the scriptures!!!!!!!!!!

    Wu-International: Speaking of Razah, how is he? Have you seen him or recorded together since he got out of hospital?
    Shabazz The Disciple: Razah is doing great it bought tears to my eyes when he called me and I knew he was still with us!!! I’m not concerned about him recording, I want him to get his health 100%. We finished the T.H.U.G. ANGEL 2ND album on easter Sunday then he dropped 2 days later on the 6th. Yall who know me know how deep Easter is to me and for us to kick history in the ass and turn Easter positive was BIG for my life story! Then my brother dropped 2 days later. I told him that night we finished, I CAN DIE NOW!!!!!! HE SAID THE SAME THING!! WE CRIED IN THE BOOTH RECORDING THAT NIGHT. WE NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHY, NOW I KNOW WHY, WE WERE SAYING GOODBYE TO HELLRAZAH! HE WAS BEING TRANSFORMED INTO HEAVEN RAZAH!!!!!WINGZ WAAAAY UP!!!!!

    Wu-International: You said you were already on album 2, how far gone are you and what can fans expect from the second one that will be different from the first?

    Wu-International: So let’s talk about Thug Angelz, you said on previous interviews the follow up entirely produced by Ayatollah was ready, when do you plan to put it out?
    Shabazz The Disciple: We are in talks right now about the album, I don’t wanna say with who yet but trust me THE FANS WILL BE VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ALBUM IS FUCKIN HELLFIYAH!!!!!!!

    Wu-International: Will this also be coming out via Nature Sounds or do you have something else in mind?
    Shabazz The Disciple: Something Else! I got a question for yall, Where would yall wanna see Thug Angelz 2 come out on?

    Wu-International: If not far fetched I would say Thug Angelz should come out on labels like Loud, Def Jam, etc, but independently perhaps you can look at Wu Music Group, ChamberMusik or even do it yourself? Any reason you are not looking at Nature Sound this time around?
    Shabazz The Disciple: Dev (Nature Sound) is interested, but we have an option worth looking into. Even Dev agrees!

    Wu-International: There seems to be a number of up and coming artists under Thug Angelz international, are you both expanding this unit and if so can you kindly tell us the current artists that fall under this umbrella and where they are from?

    Shabazz The Disciple: YEA we building this internationally, it’s a worldwide thing! We got Cats from all around the world repping T.H.U.G. ANGELZ too numerous to mention for now, just read the credits. Even Shyne did a freestyle in ISRAEL saying “In Israel I'mma Thug Angel”. So called Major artist feeling our shit on the low, WE SEE YALL!!!!!!!

    Wu-International: Why have you decided to expand this unit and will there be an album, compilation etc to showcase these talents?
    Shabazz The Disciple: Because its BIGGER THAN MUSIC! it’s a WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT! We teach the truth and brothers are waking up today and want to learn it. It’s only for the 144K. It’s like me and Razah building a HIP HOP ARK to save the righteous from the TSUNAMI OF IGNORANCE!!!!

    Wu-International: Let’s talk about your solo projects; you said you still have to release your first real solo album in an interview earlier this year. Are we talking about the “Thug Bible” album or something else?
    Shabazz The Disciple: THUG BIBLE etc… Not giving away titles, dudes be stealing shit!!!!!!

    Wu-International: Can you please give us more info on that one: as in features, concepts, producers, release date etc?
    Shabazz The Disciple: I wrote a Bible for Thugz. CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!!!! A Book and a Film too!!!! No man knoweth the date only the heavenly father!!!!!!

    Wu-International: It is said you have about 7-8 unreleased projects, is there any reason you are still holding back on putting them out?
    Shabazz The Disciple: I fell back from the wicked ass industry for years, dudes be stealing my ideas and concepts and beating me to the streets with them, so now that there is a HIP HOP FAMINE, YOU’LL APPRECIATE THE “MANNA” MORE!!!!!!!!!!

    Wu-International: Can you please give us some ideas, recording periods, productions, features and so on of some of these projects?
    Shabazz The Disciple: I leaked some of the songs already DO YA RESEARCH!!!! Ayatolla, Rza, Carlos Bess that’s all I'm giving yall for now!

    Wu-International: It was mentioned on a recent interview that Focus from Ringz & partners / Aftermath produced almost a full album for you, can you please tell us more about this and who will be responsible for putting it out?
    Shabazz The Disciple: He sent me 13 beats and I SMASHED ALL OF THEM. Some Funny Industry Shit happened ask Ringz about that.

    Wu-International: What do you mean by funny industry shit?
    Shabazz The Disciple: Those songs should’ve have came out on AFTERMATH, that was the plan. On the Killa Bees tour I was hearing Selah Edin on some of the beats I already ripped in half, That was funny to me, So I kept it moving. I’m not an industry nigga, I’m a BROOKLYN NIGGA!

    Wu-International: Ok, thanks. You have also worked with Lord Jamar as Known Associates, is this a group with two of you, a project or just a song and are you still working with Lord J?
    Shabazz The Disciple: That was a whole crew. Me and Jamar were a 2 man group “Musa n Black G-Zus” Street Parables was our debut! We just got back in touch, that’s my Big brother for life!

    Wu-International: I think the Known Associates group with you and Jamar is a great concept (Musa and Black Gzus), do you both plan on working on something together?
    Shabazz The Disciple: Right now I’m focused on all these projects on deck but me and Jamar will definitely hit yall with some more fiyah!!

    Wu-International: You called you and Extremidiz earlier a group? is there a name for this group or do you just go as DJ Extremidiz and Shabazz?
    Shabazz The Disciple: There is a name but we gon hold off until the 2nd Release or maybe some singles in between releases because like I said DUDES BE STEALING SHIT!!!!!!!!!

    Wu-International: It won’t be right not to talk about the Gravediggaz, fans sent in a lot of questions in regards to this, They have been talks about bringing back Gravediggaz with you, Priest, Rza, Frukwan, 9th Prince and possibly Beretta 9 on the line up, have you heard anything in regards to this and if so have you started working towards this project?
    Shabazz The Disciple: 3 more songs and the new album is done! I recorded at Rza's crib. He called me and we had a looong overdue reunion!!! Priest came thru too. So yes Gravediggaz is coming soon!!!!!!!!

    Wu-International: That's an excellent news, as it appears a lot of people are yarning for a Gravedigga project, was this something you were happy to work on considering any differences that might have taken place back then?
    Shabazz The Disciple: That’s like my child in hip hop and she is 17 years old now. I never turn my back on my children, so of course when Rza called me I was ready to get involved!!!!

    Wu-International: Great to hear the world is going to hear another Gravediggaz album, what is the current line up of the group that you are aware of?
    Shabazz The Disciple: Rza, Frukwan, and Prince Paul is involved, Me and Priest are on it. Beretta 9 is on it so far from the songs I have heard.!

    Wu-International: Prince Paul? how interesting, fans also want to know if unreleased Poetic (RIP) verses will be used?
    Shabazz The Disciple: Like I said Paul is involved. I have some unreleased Poetic verses from 98 when poetic was sick but wanted to go out recording with us. Most likely some of those will be on the album!

    Wu-International: There was hope this year when the song RZA leaked of himself and Frukwan as Gravediggaz called “2 more cups of blood” was highly received by fans, do you think there is room for horror core or a Gravediggaz project in today’s hip-hop scene?
    Shabazz The Disciple: MICHAEL JACKSON (RIP) Proved that there’s always room for HORRORCORE with THRILLER!!!!!!!!!!! You do the math!!!

    Wu-International: Thanks for those answers, still on group associations, do you still see yourself as a member of Sunz of Man as you were once part of it? and what are the chances of you doing any project as part of the group if that chance ever arises?

    Wu-International: Thanks for those answers, you were featured this year on 60 Second’s solo album, is there any reason an old verse from the early Sunz of Mans days was used? A lot of fans were disappointed over this.
    Shabazz The Disciple: I had nothing to do with that, I didn’t even know I was on there, I Wasn’t Feeling that at all!!!!!!!!!! Makes it look like I don’t have any new shit!!!! Lol I got shit for the next 3 lifetimes reincarnated!!!!!!!!!!!! Wack business move should’ve been worked out better, Do what you say and I’ll deliver!

    Wu-International: Are you saying you didn't use or send it that verse for the project?
    Shabazz The Disciple: I had no knowledge that verse was on there, it was brought to my attention way after the album was released!

    Wu-International: Speaking of features, it appears you have recently been working closely with the Watchmen, can you please tell us more about these recording?
    Shabazz The Disciple: I had some shows in Orlando Fl. And I met them at one of the shows and we agreed to collab, still in the works nothing recorded as of yet.

    Wu-International: So what is next for Shabazz after the release of this album, and upcoming for 2011?
    Shabazz The Disciple: MORE HELLFIYAH!!!!! Just filmed 5 videos in florida, editing right now!!!! Got 4 other videos filmed and being edited right now also before I left Brooklyn, so you’ll see the movies in a sec. I did a hard video for “SELF DEFENSE” for the Hood Scripturez LP so lookout for that real soon! ANOTHER QUESTION FOR YALL: WHAT OTHER SONG OFF THE ALBUM SHOULD ME AND EXTREMIDIZ DO A VIDEO FOR??? MAD PROJECTS ON DECK! SOLOS, THUG ANGELZ, NEW SHIT THAT WAS PUT TOGETHER DURING MY TRAVELZ!!! WINGZ UP!!!! TO MY NIGGA MURDOCK! AND VETS OF KIN IN OZONE ORLANDO!!!!!!! PACQUIAO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wu-International: I love "Sun of man must suffa" and of course "Page 2 (The Sabbath)" you could do some sick horror video for that? Speaking of videos, you said you have done 9 videos already, what are they for if not for this project?
    Shabazz The Disciple: Razah is not making any public appearances right now, he needs to concentrate on more important things, I know yall wanna see him, just be patient when he’s ready yall will see him again. So Sun Of Man Must Suffer is not an option at the moment, unless someone out there can link me up with some Japanimation or cartoon director!!! I need someone who’s nice at that anyway for other videos I need done, so Holla At me on facebook/davidcollins ASAP! Page 2 Isn’t a bad idea tho.

    Wu-International: One last question, fans view you as Wu-Tang affiliate due to your group affiliation, previous business and features, we will like to know however how you feel in reference to this, do you still consider yourself as a Wu-Tang Killa Bee?

    Shabazz The Disciple: I'M A KILLA BEE ETERNAL!!!!!!!!!!

    Wu-International: Is there anything else you like to say or cover that’s not already been covered before we end this interview, any shout outs, last words etc?


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    I recorded at Rza's crib. He called me and we had a looong overdue reunion!!! Priest came thru too. So yes Gravediggaz is coming soon!!!!!!!!
    Made my day.

    Wu-International: Thanks for those answers, you were featured this year on 60 Second’s solo album, is there any reason an old verse from the early Sunz of Mans days was used? A lot of fans were disappointed over this.
    Shabazz The Disciple: I had nothing to do with that, I didn’t even know I was on there, I Wasn’t Feeling that at all!!!!!!!!!! Makes it look like I don’t have any new shit!!!! Lol I got shit for the next 3 lifetimes reincarnated!!!!!!!!!!!! Wack business move should’ve been worked out better, Do what you say and I’ll deliver!
    M-Eighty im looking at you.

    "I pledge allegiance to the hip hop"
    Method Man

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    what a fuckin dope ass interview.

    props on this shit
    We do it for the people.

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    great interview. thanks for the link

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    m80 yanking ol verses....the truth shall set you free

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    Dope interview; I am still doubtful about Ninth Prince and Beretta Nine as Gravediggaz though; I am not sure if they can pull that off; I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens.


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