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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Never rain droughts when slug shells drop
    Glove box stashed with rogue cops' Glocks
    Fingers squeeze hammers like constrictors
    Newton panther with harmful force of Putin
    Russia nuclear missile arsenal, Satan 2 terminal
    Maximal war aim, sadistic inhumane disdain
    Liquid propane manifested thru aroused flames
    Inferno cargo, hazardous materials blaze flow
    Burnt adversaries in misery beg for cremation
    State of decomposition skeletal examinations
    Spite deployed, foes in need of Red Cross convoys
    Horrific brutalities of Rikers Island detainees
    Economic penalties can't stop ghastly atrocities
    Stockpile of corpses rises like Cali gas prices
    Consequences of one-time Texas Covid surges
    Pandemic verbal spray will slay Kay's deejay

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    Necklace snatcher that drops jewel's in symphonies like The Juice Crew
    Soldier's missing in action like kids who skipped school
    True to damage fools as the nickel plated blew
    Donut sized hole's in the chests of foes
    Who froze on ice Mantra subzero strikes
    Like Madmax beyond the thunderdome
    Skull crushing king's by the thrones
    With cunning speed i proceed to break bones
    Known for the carnage and carnivorous poems
    Sewn like needle and thread my twisted mystics sucker emcees dread
    Beat em with locks in socks plus three different styles like The Lox
    Rappers get Tupac popped for even attempting to mock the supreme grand imperial lighting faces with infa red beams
    Teams taking losses from last level bosses German style Nazi holocausts
    Never again my remedy costs at least fifty grand as i extend my backhand
    Furious slaps are given to slay turkeys for Thanksgiving
    Fast cars are driven to locations so i can inflict fatal brain incisions
    Slipping like Earl Simmons it's ruff being a ryder
    Traumatic with dramatics that collide and light emcees up like gasoline pass the lighter

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    Arsonist fiend devotee of gasoline
    Fast and furious Paul Walker blazes
    Facial wounds eject poisonous fumes
    Set loose on world infamous rider of doom
    3-headed dragon how I consume sun beams
    Gram Parsons morphine in blood stream
    Hughes brothers Tyrin Turner with burner
    Menace to society mentality on brink of insanity
    Maligned mind misdeeds soar like Chicago crimes
    Snuff times of Kevorkian at Covid-19 frontlines
    BA.2 subvariant, Carlos Monzon fatal intent
    Acts hazardous as dirty needles exchanges
    Corpses metamorphosis after emptied gauges
    Rhyme threads sewn like Mitchell & Ness
    State of grace been ruthless as Ed Harris
    Conflicts deadly like carnivores in Serengeti

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    Cannibal Hannibal Lecture Hunger
    Rap Guerilla Killer in Rwanda
    Rubberband Stretch a Body for a grand
    Hit Your Fam with The Bam Bam Bigelow Gun in Hand
    Stand Supreme Blemish Dreams like Wheelchairs
    Push Ambushes behind Bushes Nature Boy like Ric Flair
    Daddy Murdered in Front of The Daycare
    Ike Turner Wifebeater Pistolwhips with Heaters
    What's Love Got To Do When i leave Chestshots while your in the Two Seater
    Drakeo The Ruler Neck Stab Fatalities Done by my Senorita

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    Rugers massive as Qliphothic rulers
    Baked heaters size of Corvette two-seaters
    Covid pandemic enormous fatalities
    Heavy casualties of Russian military
    Brittney Griner smuggled vape cartridges
    Rust movie set serious gat safety lapses
    Famine appeases when crime increases
    King of jungle that's why I get lion's share
    Figure-fours TNA hardcore like Ric Flair
    Slept opposition slumbered by submissions
    Ted DiBiase million dollar Krueger dreams
    No need for Vaseline to grease guillotine
    Long range finder of Viet Cong snipers
    That's why I keep friends far and enemies farther
    Father of a killer in serial like Lionel Dahmer
    Sated hunger after supper cadavers dismembered

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    Punisher like Chris Rios dream shatterer and mic batterer
    Unbelievable as Chris Wallace your guns Jam like Master Jay
    Slap your favorite DJ like The late great Kay Slay
    I sip the Remy watching Martin sitcoms glazing at my AK
    4 years before i turn 47 Mantra The dude like Devin beating sucker emcees softer than Tevin
    Rappers played out like the Juicy sample
    Ample time to fine tune the rhyme for example
    So Tribes Check The Rhyme on A Quest To open your chests
    Marauder comes out at Midnight with a 38. Special and a bulletproof vest
    Theory from The Low End as i move like cold winds from Canada
    Fuck rap your better off quitting and becoming a janitor

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    Rap janitor how I wax floors with rappers
    Mac Miller's drug dealer remorseless killer
    Foes turned martyrs by Mexican marauder
    Homicide pride of cannibal rebellious tribes
    Deadly flung missiles of Russia in port city of Odesa
    End of nonviolent era, Martin Landau Dracula
    From jugulars juice flows like OJ with Isotoners
    Slashed Adam's apples to use rivals as examples
    Johnny Depp murder on the Orient Express
    Amber heard that I gave Kyrie Irving the bird
    To let him know he's no legend like that Celtic
    Plighted prospect Covid respiratory droplets sick
    Distorted features, Joel Embiid facial fractures
    Famished troops in need of Campbell's soup
    Mysterious preacher in Pale Rider gunslinger
    Paul Williams squared-circle persistent punisher

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    Been too long.

    Still alive despite my type
    Rusty axe, wood split life
    Old man good shit right?
    Still livin'
    Still spittin'
    Still shittin'
    Still grip a grab hold unfolded story
    Off the top dust off the top gory
    Gritty grime time rhyme storing
    Imploring deep reached speech to preach
    Once again street beat feet steeped
    Repeat feats greet and bow
    How y'all do? Who's who?
    I'm out the loopty loo
    Same insane group, you?
    How the troupe do?
    Who flew? Who flat?
    Imagine that, an Acid rap back
    Big daps to old cats, fact.

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    This old cat welcomes you back
    My life vest flew over cuckoo's nest
    Now flow is titanic iceberg cold as ICE raids
    Monster with DNA built of grenades
    Dr. Victor Frankenstein factory made
    Mary Shelley beastly how I get lyrically
    Verbal axe attacks tracks mad like Max
    Lyrical detrimental lethal as batches of fentanyl
    Verbal detachable magazine will assault rifles
    Vernacular filthy as Flint, MI sewers
    Ill verses take many forms of endemic diseases
    Black mamba spit, venom neurotoxic
    Seismic heart rate, tectonic plates earthquakes
    Richter scale mindstate causes pitbulls to shake
    Endless pestilence, Russian invasion grim existence
    David Berkowitz Son of Sam .44 caliber psychotic hits

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    Nipple clamps biter
    so lighter
    go guy her
    try her buy her
    butterfly her
    fresh dope my nigga
    pullin triggas
    for figgas
    gold diggas
    two timin
    i'm fine and
    droping dimes in
    the slot machines
    green in my pocket
    lock it
    shoot it in rocket


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    Glorified gore, carnage adored
    Faces of death macabre episodes
    Russia military horrific atrocities
    Whole cities turned into cemeteries
    Eerie fatal injuries, Buffalo butchery
    White ideology replacement theory
    Imperial ambitions of Joseph Stalin
    Expiration of a peaceful global era
    Acts of aggression like America in Panama
    Unprovoked attacks of Christina Yuna Lee
    Jeffrey Dahmer cadavers eaten voraciously
    Benny Blanco slay gat spray your way
    Kill the legit life in Caribbean like Carlito
    Foes in death grip of widows turned sicarios
    Burnt corpses in makeshift trenches
    Bodies maimed like the streets of Ukraine

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    My palm slap fire Ghostface Killah style
    Broke out the penal rebel gone wild like a motherless child
    Sparring in the aisles my grapples supreme aftermath smoke clouds
    And emcees ashes after cremation clashes
    Packing Ol' Dirty guns to put holes in bastards
    Clappers won't be standing after ovation buck em down no chasing as i craft Revelations
    Stationed in an unknown location bombing shelters get back retaliation
    Streets vacant in fear for the chaos is savagely severe
    Mother's shed tears for slayed sons mentally stunned relatives are relatively gunned bleeding out they succumbed to karma
    Mantra praised on earth like the Dali Lama

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    Hell on earth explicit content
    Prime Prodigy with havoc intent
    I shed acid tears size of African spears
    My father Flint Sky scolded me not to give into fear
    Never flinched when he felt blade of Snake Ink
    Severed jugular while only the eyes squint
    Pride of lions brutal culture of Mayans
    Blood type Aztec, barbaric intellect
    Apocalyptic retaliation face recognition distortion
    Hitler meditation, mass extermination
    Modern-day holocaust, incinerate with Molotovs
    Vertebral columns severed by scalded shrapnel
    Mavericks turned to transgender cosmetics
    Cervical spine leakage like roof of American Airlines
    Tip of iceberg watery seepage like RMS Titanic
    Rivals quick to sink like Ukraine did Russian warship

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    First round pick of the draft Mantra Shaft
    Veteran shooter uncanny with my craft cooking emcees fast like Kraft cheese and macroni
    Blast a phony for spitting baloney
    And outsider's out to dethrone me
    My brand well known like Sony
    Know mad scientists want to clone me but i refuse blow a fuse
    Guzzle booze as rappers lose victim's of my ill street blues
    Blown out shoes due to my air forces holding down the fortress
    Beat a rival nauseous
    Crucifixion condition if u cross this
    A monster like lochness i do my thing by the swamp fatal stomps to comp rap cannibal emcee corpses i chomp like Big Lurch
    Backshots penetrate vaginas watch em squirt
    Mantra gone beserk putting multiple rappers on r.i.p. T-shirts

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    Birthed from vagina of sacrificial virgin
    Monster in arctic lands of cadaver limbs
    Victor implications of Frankenstein invention
    Tectonic plates' quakes oscillates oceans
    I come ashore like Godzilla strictly to wreak havoc
    While in a full metal jacket by Stanley Kubrick
    I'll show R. Lee Ermey my perilous war face
    Squalls from fiery deeps of space I embrace
    Cloned as armed drone to not be dethroned
    Opponents will decline like college enrollment
    Vaginal emcees pap smeared with eroded scalpels
    Blood passes from these pussies thru cervical canal
    Murder charges rises like deaths from overdoses
    Essence illness of Kamala Harris with coronavirus
    Mental ballistic like North Korea launched missiles
    Certified killer in serial, bestial as Nazi war criminals

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